Laser hair removal is the most effective way to remove hair today.
After 1-2 weeks hair starts to fall out, and after the course you can forget about unwanted hair forever!
About Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal has long been the safest and most effective method of hair removal in modern cosmetology, guaranteeing the best results. The technology, discovered more than 50 years ago, is called "selective photothermolysis" - a method that allows you to selectively affect the pigment melanin. This pigment is the main substance-absorber of the laser beam light, which is necessary for this type of epilation, because it gives color to the hair and skin.
When light energy is absorbed by hair shafts containing melanin, a thermal reaction occurs in the subcutaneous tissues.
The hair is heated to a high temperature, about 70-80 degrees Celsius. All cells of the hair follicle are killed, including the cells of the hair papilla. The thermal reaction occurs quickly, causing the hair to stop nourishing, resulting in hair dying and falling out within 14 days after the procedure.

Hair removal in the salon Christina with the help of laser technology - a guarantee of beautiful skin! On the treated area with each time will reduce the number of hair, and therefore you will enjoy silky smoothness always!
About us
High quality and safety
We use a modern device, made in Japan.
With a license from the Ministry of Health of Japan JEPA - which guarantees high safety of the procedure and excludes negative effects on the skin.
The pulse of light effectively affects the entire hair follicle, which allows you to carry out the procedure quickly and remove hair at any stage of growth.
The procedure is suitable for men and women!
Advantage of laser hair removal:
  • No pain:
    Thanks to the effective cooling system, the treatment is completely painless even in the most delicate areas. You will only feel a cool touch on your body.
  • It's safe:
    The flash of the laser beam acts locally on the hair follicle without affecting tissues, lymph nodes and organs.
  • Guaranteed effects:
    The result will be after 1 treatment! In 2 weeks hair will start to fall out, hair growth will slow down. The hair structure will become finer and softer, you will not need to shave every day.
  • Skin restoration:
    The device has an anti-inflammatory effect and revitalizes sensitive skin. After the first treatment, inflammation and ingrown hairs will disappear, the skin of intimate areas will become lighter, smooth and soft.
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How to prepare for laser hair removal procedure?
Before the procedure, we recommend that you follow a few rules that will help you get the best results:

1. For 3-4 weeks refuse all types of hair removal from the root - plucking, waxing, shugaring, epilator;

2. For 7-10 days before epilation is not recommended to visit a solarium and actively sunbathe in the sun;

3. On the day of visiting the procedure should shave hair in the desired area;

4. On the day of the procedure do not use cosmetics, deodorants or creams - the treated area should be clean.
Classic bikini
Deep bikini - VIO
Legs to the knee
Full legs
There are halos all around
Belly track
Full face
One area on the face
(Above Upper Lip, Chin, Under Chin)
Full body
(Including Face + VIO)
Armpits + legs + hands in full + VIO
(Including Darling + Around the Halo)
Armpits + full legs + full hands + VIO
Armpits + full legs + VIO
Armpits + legs to knee + VIO
Armpits+ VIO
Hands to the elbow
Full hands
How do I take care of my skin after the procedure?
It is also important to properly care for the skin after laser hair removal:

  • on the day of the procedure you can take a shower, but without using loofah, scrub and hygiene products;
  • 2-3 days it is not recommended to visit: saunas, baths, swimming pool;
  • after the procedure you can moisturize your skin with soothing cream or body milk;
  • 3 days after the procedure do not use tonics, lotions, alcohol-containing cosmetic products on the treated area;
  • for 7-10 days after the procedure is not recommended to sunbathe in the sun, it is necessary to treat the skin SPF protective cream.
Results before and after:
The treatments take minimal time, the whole body in 40 minutes!
Результат после 3 сеанса
Зона глубокого бикини VIO
Result after 2 sessions
Armpits area
Result after 3 sessions
VIO - deep bikini area
Result after 1 sessions
Armpits area
Result after 1 sessions
VIO - deep bikini area
Become free of razor, wax and epilator.
Laser hair removal - a new level of comfort for your skin!

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